Svetlana Bridal Couture

New York Bridal Salon

Our New York Bridal Salon offers the finest couture gowns designed and manufactured in Europe by a variety of talented designers including Svetlana herself. With the desire to keep our brides’ choices exclusive, we maintain a fresh mix of couture gowns by adding 2-3 new designs every month.

Our unique bridal gowns range from $1,500 to $6,000. We want our brides to be individual and wear a one of a kind wedding gown not found at any other bridal salon of New York or anywhere else in the USA.

At Svetlana Bridal Couture, we want you to feel not only gorgeous but also comfortable on your special day, that is why we pay extra attention to details of the gown.

Our gowns are custom made by individual measurements of the bride to make sure the gown fits amazing. Therefore very little to no alterations are required when your gown arrives. 

90 to 95% of our brides don’t have to do any alterations upon gown’s arrival. With Svetlana Bridal Couture you can save a lot of money on alterations and even raise your budget for a desired gown.

If any alterations would be necessary to ensure a desired fit, we will provide a list of alteration specialists we advise.

If you didn’t find a gown of your dreams, don’t worry. Our consultants will help you customize a dress by choosing a design you like, adding, substituting, or eliminating some details to make the dress perfectly yours. It takes about 6-8 months from time of order to delivery of the dress, however if time is limited we will be happy to work with you to get you your gown earlier.

Along with our beautiful and chic wedding dresses, we also carry a wide range of veils, headpieces and jewelry. The assortment of bridal accessories is unique to Svetlana Bridal Couture and is not available anywhere else in New York or USA.

Svetlana Bridal Couture is the only bridal salon where you can walk out with your wedding dress the same day!